Did you know that an American woman known as Peace Pilgrim walked across America for 28 years as a penniless pilgrim inspiring people everywhere with what she found and so joyously and fully exemplified ~ what many of us seek in our own lives today ~ health and happiness and inner peace? Click here to learn more.

Did you know that an American inventor, Stan Meyer from Ohio, successfully demonstrated his water power car on Channel 6 News in Columbus, Ohio in 1986? That it ran completely on water (safely extracting a small amount of hydrogen at the point of use), which he called a hydrogen on demand water fuel cell? That it could use tap water, rain water, salt water, snow? That would cost $1500 to install on any vehicle? $5000 for semi- trucks? That it could go from New York to L.A. on 22 gallons of water? Click here to learn more.

Did you know that you can overcome trauma in your life? That whatever adverse experiences you have faced you can claim your own heart, choose to live from your own deepest core and to express yourself fully, living from your true creative center with compassion, trust and love? Twenty-one years ago, I was falsely accused of being a child molester. In 2008, my former brother-in-law and I (under the names Howland and Brown), co-authored a book about that experience to share what we have learned with others facing their own difficult life circumstances. Click here to learn more.

Did you know that Costa Rica successfully abolished its army in 1948, more than 60 years ago? That it maintains peaceful relations, and has become an example and inspiration to the whole world? That Costa Rican president, Oscar Arias received a Nobel Peace prize in 1987 for his Central American peace plan? That Arias was the first head of state to formally receive the Dalai Lama who, himself, shortly after, was awarded the Nobel Peace prize? That the United Nations University for Peace is located in Costa Rica? Click here to learn more.

Ever notice that the areas in our life where we have the most trouble, and physical and emotional illness, are invariably where we are fearful and withhold love from ourselves and others? When physicist Lester Levenson learned at age 42 he could die within days, he looked deeply within and saw clearly that when he was giving love he was happy; when he was fearful and trying to get love, he was unhappy. He focused on love in his life and healed himself completely, living with vibrant health, profound joy, and inner peace for another 42 years while teaching thousands of others. Click here to learn more.

Hello, I’m Mary Newswanger

I hope you’ll enjoy the Full Power Love website which is dedicated to positive change in the world and in our personal lives. The business of our lives is two things: what we create, and how we relate. Those two things alone. The bottom line is this: we need not create suffering for ourselves or others.  We all have something valuable to contribute to the unfolding of love on this planet. Quaker mystic John Woolman said, “to turn all the treasures we possess into the channel of universal love becomes the business of our lives.” Let’s create together the best world we can imagine…



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